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 Welcome to NetSavy Testimonials Page!

"Specializing in quality, discount, web page design and marketing"

I see it now looks great. You really do a great job.  I'd like to keep working with you in the upcoming future. Please keep in touch. 

Thank You,
Ferdie Ang
performance parts/marketing manager
714-689-2103 ext 4013

Thanks for all the good work and for the extras. I really appreciate it. I
think the site looks great now.

Send me your bill.

Linda are the bargain of all don't cheat yourself...if anything adds to the bill let me know and charge accordingly.  The principals at are very pleased!

Mary R.

Thanks Rick – things are definitely shaping up on the search engines!!!  I will be back in touch with you once I have gone over things with my boss.  

Thanks again for your excellent work and the helpful hints you sent my way!    

Till next… all the best,

lemon law

To the people at Netsavy:

After years of a fairly good website, your new redesign has really improved our viewed professionalism on the net.  Not only have we received more requests but we are the talk of the Yacht Industry!  Thank you so much for your work on .  We especially like the changing pictures on the front that rotate each time you visit the site!  The pictures are award winning.

Rebecca Riley
Owner: Paradise Yacht

Rick, it would be hard for me to list every single wonderful thing you've done for us at Carson Toyota. From the "just listening" part in regards to what I wanted the website to be all the way down to the little extra touches, like improvements and upgrades that are never requested but always done to improve the system, we applaud you.
I get emails all the time from other website designers and companies who promise "better and faster and more money earned, yatta yatta" without even asking me how we're doing FIRST! You can guess the file they go into!
Your great ideas and brilliant solutions to challenges fast make you head and shoulders above anyone else. I am always astounded to see that when I make a request of a change or a problem it's handled faster than I could FTP in there and do it myself... and that's what makes you just who you are.
I started there in 1997 with that little fledgling website, and we were selling 16-18, perhaps 20 cars a month off the internet. Now, the dealership sells over 150 cars a month off the internet alone, largely due to the ease of use the website, and the information available there. You constantly do my upgrades and improvements, keeping us fresh and current.
Anyone reading this is welcome to email me personally for more information about you, but they will hear the truth: you are the best webmaster around, even better than me! :D

UTTERLY ASTOUNDED - I am not a computer person and have found virtually all of my interactions on the computer a worthless waste of time.  Your response reflects genuine "old school" mentality with the correct response - action. I thought I was the only person left on the planet who utilized information constructively.  If you are an accurate gauge of your company and its products you have earned my business. I also have a very big mouth BOTH when I'm pleased or displeased which has meant a lot of referral business over time for the few companies in any arena who do what they say they'll do, do it honestly at a fair price, and do it well.  Too many people only bitch when it's bad and forget to acknowledge when its good.   I am in early stages of trying to "do" a sauna for medical reasons - three back surgeries.  I want to talk live-line to you, if sales/etc. is your arena, or to whomever you refer me to.    Show this to your boss - good business pays back in the long run. 
Thanks, Jon

Rick , thank you for the awesome service and for your prompt efforts, this is a breath of fresh air compared with the last guy!

Now for the next project

Jeff: Steam and Sauna Connection

I would like to thank you for your professional attention to our site and response to our questions. You are obviously in a better position than I to maintain, suggest and implement changes and corrections to keep us on top of things.

That is obviously worth something to us and we would like to hear what you think about that.

Thanks again.

To the staff at NetSavy and Autopedia:

Since developing our site back in 1994, our website has paid for itself many times from all the vehicle and parts purchases generated from the website.   When we ask for changes, they were done immediately.  Our experience with other web providers has been limited but even for the short time we tried "someone else" we had several problems.  Your prompt service keeps us renewing with you year after year.

David Delillo, owner Delillo Chevrolet

We took David DeLillo's advice and had you build us a site too.  The site a good looking site that has received many compliments.  It has helped us sell more used vehicles than ever before.  I have recommended you to several others like and  Believe me, recommendation is the finest form of flattery.

The Team at SandJChevrolet

Dear NetSavy:

Not only were your prices good but your service and quality were great.  It is like an on-line brochure that can be changed without calling the printer and printing obsolete material by the time we get it back.  When customers want more information, we tell them to "go to the web" to get the brochure.

Bob Hall, owner

To Rick at NetSavy:

After repeated problems with another web designer, you immediately fixed what they could not fix in 6 months.  In fact, that is why I gave you both of my sites, and

Keep up the good work,
D. Jack Smith, owner /

To the staff at NetSavy:

I now have 5 sites with you,,,,, and  The reason: top positioning with search engines pays my bills.  Like all the other letters I have read here, your service is great !

Dave McGinnis, owner

To NetSavy:

One of the reasons we went with was for the professionalism of your team and design people.  Opened in July 2000, our site offers memory technique programs for sale and your customers will just have to wait to see your great work.  One of our employees keeps remarking how fast you get something done.  Even though this is a several week project, your prompt attention to detail has us feeling very comfortable with what we are doing as a company.

Thank you,


2894 NE 26th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305
Phone: 954-563-7755
(801) 684-3017 Fax
Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm M-F

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