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 Welcome to NetSavy Complete Solutions Info Page!

"Specializing in quality, discount, web page design and marketing"

Net Savy owners have been in the Internet business since 1994 building quality professional web pages for automotive groups,  construction companies, manufacturers, distributors and many other groups.  Started by one of the founding owners of Autopedia-The AUTOmotive encycloPEDIA, we have a history of quality, well designed sites, that are cost effective and are linked up with all the major search engines.

Our company offers a wide range of various web sites and no matter which range you select from, the important fact is that there are 320,000,000 plus people on the web, and it is growing daily.

Let us help you thrust your business through the millennium and beyond, and allow customers to find you at a mouse click away.

Web Site Design, Hosting, knowledge of search engines, links and advertisement are our specialty.  Allow us to put them to work for you.

Three Choices of Websites:

# 1 - Our "A Web Page" starter site:
Includes "Discount Generic Site" type site with just a little bit of private or company information, one page with name, address, email, fax and/or company information.  It has a format of instead of your own, picked www.???.com name.

# 2 - Our Low Price "Domain Name" Medium Web Site:
Is a cookie cutter site and contains up to 5 pages of information about your company or service.   (You must supply the logos from your business cards, or publisher, as scanning is extra.)  It contains a generic map, form contact page, thank you page for the contact, front page with contact information, and services/products offered pages.  It includes only one email address (???

Added Extras to above:  Email forwarding, extra email addresses, Java, CGI, other Forms, Autoresponders, custom programming and scanning, search engine submission.   (It cannot not include e-commerace, or  shopping cart type inventory ordering programs.)

# 3 - Our "Professional Site":
Is anything your imagination could desire.  Java, CGI, Forms, Autoresponders for email, moving graphics (animation), logo's, pictures, database programming, E-Commerce, shopping carts and much more.  Our design group and Autopedia, Inc. have been responsible for some of the following sites.

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