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 Welcome to NetSavy Web Hosting!

Net Savy proudly uses for their virtual hosting (and co-location) service.  NetSavy and Abhost Internet services have teamed up together for a great yearly deal of $ 240 or less per year prepaid standard virtual hosting services.  This includes unlimited email boxes with your domain name.  Secure transaction SSL hosting is also available for an additional $ 79 per year.

Domain Forwarding is also available so you may have several domain names parked on one account. 

Co-Location and Virtual Hosting Service
Abhost’s Class A DataCenter provides the secured environment and multi-homed network required to keep your Internet enterprise operational 24x7. This high quality facility offers multiple layers of security, including computer programmed key entry, retinal scanning, and closed circuit video surveillance, as well as state-of-the art fire detection and suppression systems. To ensure maximum uptime, Abhost has designed each center to include multiple fiber connections coming into and going out of the facility through multiple providers, dual HVAC units, backup UPS and generator and redundant routing equipment configurations.
Accelerate Time-to-Market
Building a powerful and reliable infrastructure required for success takes an enormous effort of time, resources and expertise.
Abhost has utilized the best minds in the industry to lay the groundwork necessary to get you up and running in days instead of months.

Decrease Capital Expenditures
The development and protection of an internal infrastructure is often too costly to justify. Outsourcing your Internet operations to
Abhost leverages our dedication and focus on efficiency to give you the cost-effective infrastructure support you need.

Meet Market Demands
Ensuring consistent delivery of information to your customers requires scalability.
Abhost’s unlimited bandwidth gives you the flexibility to manage dynamic growth "on the fly".

Focus on Core Competencies
Abhost’s DataCenter provides you with confidence so you are free to focus on what’s really important to you – building your business.

Rely on Abhosts Class A Facilities
Class A means high quality with a careful eye towards detail. Our co-location facility has been designed and built to exceed the most stringent requirements necessary to guarantee a safe and secured environment for all of your e-business needs.

Take a look at for all your Internet Hosting Needs !

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