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 Welcome to NetSavy's Download Section!

Download WinXP/98/95 newest versions of NetSavy's favorite software at these links below:  

Fire Fox 1.0 Browser

Netscape Communicator 4.76  
     (2-3hr download @ 28.8k)
PRO Eudora Pro 6 Free Version with Advertising
       or Paid Version with no Advertising
Eudora Lite Email Version 3.06
Eudora Extra Lite Email (1.52 Old Mini Version) 
JB Mail Program, quick check of email or email headers without downloading the actual email.
Real VNC Remote Desktop
Html Code Writer for Web pages - Trial Version
Chat Program (text)
Chat Program w/on-line status
Internet Phone Package
Ultra-Edit32 Ascii and Hex Editor
WS_FTP File Transfer Program
WinZip - Unzip/Compressor

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