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Pay for Review Search Engines

Yahoo.com: The biggest and badest search engine around (Actually, I don't like them but they are the most popular)  Their annual cost for their review is $299.00.  You need to be in Yahoo if you want popularity, however, you have to be aware of a couple of things here.  First, they do not have to put you on their search engine and they do not refund your money.  This has happened a couple of times with our customers.  Second, it is very important that you know exactly what keywords you want to push in your description and make it as easy to read as possible as you might get away with them using it 'as is'.  Use a keyword search tool on any search engine to see what keywords you should use and put the keyword(s) in the description during submission.  Find one here from Overture.

Inktomi/Positiontech: The yearly fee for Inktomi is $39 for the first URL and $25 for each additional one.  The neat thing here is that they spyder your URL you submit every 48 hours.  This means that if you did something wrong for positioning, you can correct it and see the results in a couple of days.  At this time I recommend using them as for the long haul, position will be around for while as the PayPerClick's get going.  Currently, the feed, MSN, and AOL since Looksmart's weirdness.

Teoma.com: is the new kid on the block.  They are after Google in a big way.  Currently, they just started a new system of adding your site with refresh just like Inktomi except that they spyder weekly.  Their pricing is $30 for the first URL and $18 for each additional one.  This is a 15 month program.

AltaVista: Sad that this search engine is not doing as well as it used to.  They also have a Pay for Review system that allows spydering just like Inktomi but they are not as popular so they charge less and I am not sure if it really makes any difference anyway.

Looksmart.com: no longer pay for review for the year, but now Pay per click  They feed many search engines as well but with this latest move, I am not sure what will happen, so I might hold off for now.

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