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 Welcome to NetSavy's Search Engines Pay Per Click Submission Page!

Pay Per Click Search Engines

While we at Netsavy have not tested all the Pay Per Click search engines (there are several), we wanted to give you some hints as to what is out there and what has worked for us in the past.

http://overture.com formally, goto.com has broken into the market with top positioning that you pay for, for each keyword.  They also resell their keyword positions to several of the search engines, including Yahoo, MSN, AOL and AltaVista as 'sponsored links'.  Since their popularity, they have started to get very expensive these days so you have to make sure that your keyword is worth the click each time.  Overture has a good tool for evaluating if your word is a good word and it generates traffic.

Check out the cost per keyword you enter here.

Check out the popularity of the keyword here.


http://google.com For now, they are having you pay for an add that changes on the fly.  You purchase a spot on a page with your keyword and the price will depend on the exposure of the page.  Seems to be cheaper than Overture.


http://looksmart.com is now using PPC but is too new to know much about it yet.


http://findwhat.com is another PPC engine that is a whole lot cheaper but doesn't have the exposure that Overture has.  By comparison, if you wanted the word 'automobile' in Overture, it would cost you .70 cents on 04/17/2002 but in Findwhat, that same keyword is: .32 cents.

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