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 Welcome to NetSavy's Search Engines Page!

"Specializing in quality, discount, web page design and marketing"

Net Savy owners have been in the Internet business since 1994 building quality professional web pages for automotive groups,  construction companies, manufacturers, distributors and many other groups.  Started by one of the founding owners of Autopedia-The AUTOmotive encycloPEDIA, we have a history of quality, well designed sites, that are cost effective and are linked up with all the major search engines.  Notice we said MAJOR, because 95% of the world uses just a few search engines and that is all you should really be concerned about.

Our company offers three search engine submission and / or submission and construction of pages to meet search engine criteria.  Tips on helping your site do better in the search enginesQuestions to ask a search engine expert !

We highly recommending becoming a member of WordTracker.  You can only specialize in which keywords to promote, if you know what people are really searching for.  They have a free 500 word report but if your search term isn't there, they have good rates to see who is searching for what and related to a particular keyword.  To learn more about Wordtracker, please click here

(Note: No one can really guarantee top positioning in every search engine as the search engine companies themselves can change their algorithms at any time, [and they do] without notice and no one can really guarantee they can predict what search engine companies will do.  If they do offer guarantees of a number one position, we at believe they are not being truthful to get your business.   It is possible to get high on the search engines if done correctly and being in the top 30 or less, depending on your market, is usually a very good rating.  We at Netsavy have attained several number one and number two spots for several of our customers.  Consistent placement and replacement and proper pages helps in making your site remain in the main top ten.) 

Three Choices of Submissions of your site(s):

# 1 - Our Basic Submitter service: $ 99
Includes submitting up to 10 pages of your website to the most important TOP search engines.  This is a submission service only and does not modify pages on your site or recommend any changes to your site to allow better positioning in the search engines.  We also give you a report on how you are doing in the search engines with the keywords you supply to

# 2 - Our Deluxe Submitter service with recommendations: $ 299
Includes submitting up to 10 pages of your web site to the most important TOP search engines.  This is a submission and modification service and NetSavy will modify up to 5 key pages on your website, mainly focusing on the front main page, or recommend any further changes to your website to allow better positioning in the search engines based on our years of experience and current search engine technologies and algorithms.  We also give you a report on how you are doing in the search engines with the keywords you supply to

# 3 - Professional Submission: $ 1,295
This is a 3 month program that features monthly submissions of up to 20 pages and recommendations of changes (or actual changes) to those pages that will maximize your being seen by the search engines.  There is an entire evaluation of your website, your products, your keyword density and link analysis that will structure your website to consistently do well with the search engines time after time.  These are not doorway pages, stealth pages, or redirect pages.  We do not recommend them as many sites are now banned from search engines for using these techniques.  These are actual Spider Food for the search engines spiders.  It is a complete package designed to make sure you don't do stupid mistakes and get yourself banned from the search engines with unsafe practices now or in the future.  Recommendations on pay per click search engines as well as helping you write quality descriptions for your website for submission to Yahoo and other directories.  It also includes weekly reports on how you are doing in the search engines with keywords you supply and we suggest as related keywords.  I

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