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 Welcome to NetSavy's Recommended Sites Page - Link Exchange

Here are some of the sites that we cross link to:  

Steam and Sauna Connection - Offering steam baths, steam rooms, saunas and sauna rooms, Panasonic bathroom fans and more.

Please note: If you would like to exchange links with us, please fill out the form below.  Your reciprocal link page on your site must be rated at least a PR3 on Google before we will link back to you.  Netsavy is currently at a PR5 with Google and for integrity, we are not interested in link farms, gambling sites, illegal sites outside the USA, phony link sites or websites specifically designed for that purpose.  Anyone wishing to link to us is fine, but we will only cross link with actual sites with actual link page rating of a PR3 or greater.

Cross Link Form Application

Note: We DO NOT CROSS LINK to any Gambling, Adult  or Dating Sites or any other websites not legal in the USA.  Any website that is not similar or would not  complement Netsavy, will be rejected, so do not waste your time filling out bogus information as it will be deleted.

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